CHANGELOG V17 - 19th Jan 20:

1- New Fellow Pet has been added. (Arcade Ostrich) (Donate Section)
2- Jangan Fortress War is opened for new guilds. However, Fortress War Event will remain for Hotan only!
3- Akeru monsters are added to Ong Habitat spots for more grinding.
4- Grab Pets have 3 pages inventory now!
5- Live Custom Title Name system is added to the game. (Donate Section) (When you donate, we ll give a code that you ll use to customize your title to any text you want!) Preview: here
6- Time Counter is added at Survival Arena.
7- Fixed some memory leak in client library.
8- Fixed item comparison system formulas, calculations should be totally correct now. If you don t know about this system yet, this systems allows you to compare the stats of item (weapon/shield/set/accessory) from your inventory, stall, shop or anything to the stats of your current equipped item. (How It Works: Hold ALT and hover on the item in your inventory.)

CHANGELOG V16 - 10th Jan 20:

1- Visual Trails have been added to Special EGP NPC for EGP coin.
2- New grab pets have been added to donate section.
3- New Adrenaline Hextech Chest has been added in Special NPC.
With a hard success rate to win:- ADV +6 ACC / NEW EFFECT / JOB SUIT AVATAR
4- Survival PC limit is 1 now.
5- GLOBAL is tradable and can be put in stall so ppl can sell it for gold.

CHANGELOG V15 - 27th Dec 19:

1- D1 ~ D9 models are added to the game. You ll find them in Magic PoP with a very hard win rate.
2- STR/INT uniques drops are now fixed.
3- Fellow Pets HP had been reduced to 400K.
4- Job PC limit had been set to 5.
5- 3 New pets are added to donation section. (MARIO CLOWN - SNOWY RABBIT - HELL HOUND)
6- Job Temple Quests are renamed to prevent mistakes from players.

CHANGELOG V14 - 14th Dec 19:

-Christmas is coming soon, so we added Christmas decoration.
-Added new Bicheon & Pacheon skills with hot effects, check them out. (If you were Bicheon / Pacheon, reset your skills & reuse mastery skills)
-Temple uniques quests are edited, quests don t exist in Special NPC anymore, but they exist in Temple Union NPCs. We tested all the quests, it should be all good now.
-Temple uniques HP has been reduced, they re now exactly like Medusa. (Isis, Anubis, Neith, Selket)
-Renamed Donwhang Temple teleports.
-Done some code optimization on job system.
-Done some code edits on our DLL.

-Done some skill balances:

Dare Devil:- phy.atk.pwr 1765 ~ 2124 > 1765 ~ 2024

Prick:- phy.atk.pwr 1729 ~ 2091 > 1780 ~ 2091
Distance Shot:- phy.atk.pwr 1709 ~ 2089 > 1780 ~ 2089

Server Stats
  • Gateway Status: Online
  • Players Online: 661 / 1000

  • Supporters Online: 1 / 1
  • Cap 110
  • Race CH / EU
  • Max Plus 0 No Adv
  • CH mastery 440
  • EU mastery 220
  • Start SP 10000000
  • Start Silk 250
  • Start Gold 20m
  • PC Limit 20
  • Servertime:
  • CTF:
  • Battle Arena:
  • Fortress War:
  • Register: 24/7 Except during Fortress War
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