CHANGELOG V23 - 7th Apr 20:

-Attack pets have been disabled in Survival Arena
-Adjusted return delay of some scrolls that people were using to cheat in PVP mode. (Thanks to @SCARYWARRI0R for the report)
-Fixed Egy A Cleric Seal of Twilight & Sun models.
-EGP Visuals price has been decreased from 1.5K EGP to 800 EGP.
-Trade gold rate has been decreased to half.
-Being/Killing wanted players gold reward has been decreased to 400M.
-Visual Wings win rate has been decreased to half.
-Battle Coin drop rate has been decreased.

CHANGELOG V22 - 28th Mar 20:

-Increased server capacity to 1500.
-Changing team in Union Survival Arena bug has been fixed.
-Normal globals earned from uniques will be tradeable from now on.
-Unit label in stalls has been simplified, so you can see gold amount clearly. (@Slaintrax s suggestion)
-Fixed some random crash at Temple. (Thanks to @Slaintrax for dump file)
-Increased delay of building & reset scrolls to 5 seconds to prevent cheating in PVP mode.
-All character visuals are removeable from now on.
-Guild items in Guild Manager don t require GP anymore.
-Minor fixes & security improvements.

-Job Temple Quests modifications:-
Name: Ancient Arabian Gods Invade | Second Ancient Arabian Gods Invade
Task: Hunt 10 Isis & Anubis | Hunt 10 Neith & Selket
Reward: 1x Accessory Advanced Elixir - 1x Honor Gold Buff

CHANGELOG V21 - 14th Mar 20:

-New Suit for Survival Arena.
-Old cape style returned back again!
-Unions are disabled.
-Firewall HP is decreased to 20K. (Fire Mastery)
-Shield Trash is disabled. (Bicheon Mastery)
-Final Guard of Ice phy def is decreased from 400 to 356. (Cold Mastery)
-Fortress War items like (Flags/Bombs) stacks are 10K.
-Earth Fence physical absorption is decreased to 20% instead of 46%. (Wizard Mastery)
-Heaven Sword Dance percent is decreased to 150% instead of 200%. (Bicheon Mastery)
-Emperor Blade percent is decreased from 209% to 189%. (Bicheon Mastery)
-Constantinople Fortress War is enabled, reward is 800B.
-Shield Protection blocking rate is decreased to 9% instead of 13%. (Bicheon Mastery)
-Scrolls that earned by kills inside Fortress War are removed for ex.(Parry/attack rate)

CHANGELOG V20 - 9th Mar 20:

-Main town is Samarkand now!
-1H Dawn effect is fixed.
-Fortress War schedule is changed to: Monday/Friday(19:00 ~ 20:30 P.M (GMT +2).
-Battle Arena Manager is located now in Samarkand only!
-Holy Water Temple teleport is located now in Samarkand South.
-All npc have been replaced in Samarkand.
-New Iron Dress (F) is added to Hextech chest.
-Available trade route now is Samarkand/Constantinople vice versa.
-Trade profit is increased to 500M.
-Seal Of Sun effect is added. Preview: here (Donation Section)

CHANGELOG V19 - 7th Feb 20:

1- Trails & Dwelling Effect price has been reduced to 1,5K EGP coin.
2- New Frozen Spear skill has been applied for Wizard Mastery.
3- New room has been added where bug pills is not working.
4- Guild limit has been reduced to 24.
5- Union limit is 2 now!
6- Godbless speed has been reduced to 150%.
7- Server capacity has been increased to 1500 players.
8- HP of gates/towers/heart of Jangan Fortress War has been increased 3x for more competition. (it s time to defend guys)
9- Hotan Fortress War is closed.
10- Jangan Fortress War is enabled, keep in mind that if Jangan wasn t enough for players we ll replace it to Hotan again later.

11- New exclusive Union Survival Arena, schedule is:-
[12:00 A.M / 3:00 A.M / 6:00 A.M / 9:00 A.M / 12:00 P.M / 3:00 P.M / 6:00 P.M / 9:00 P.M]

12- You won t be able to return back to Survival Arena if you teleported or disconnected.
13- Gold scroll (2B) has been added to NPC due to many requests with 10K max stacks. (In Special NPC)

Server Stats
  • Gateway Status: Online
  • Players Online: 1203 / 1500

  • Supporters Online: 1 / 1
  • Cap 110
  • Race CH / EU
  • EXP 0x
  • CH mastery 440
  • EU mastery 220
  • Start SP 10000000
  • Item Drop 250x
  • Start Gold 20m
  • PC Limit 20
  • Servertime:
  • CTF:
  • Battle Arena:
  • Fortress War:
  • Register: 24/7 except during Fortress War
Fortress War
Lastest 10 Unique Kills
  • Wh0NexT had killed Arabia (Mage) (INT).
  • Frasee had killed Thief Boss Kalia (INT).
  • _Dark_Star had killed Arabia (Jalliaza) (INT).
  • Regan had killed Devil Benepika (INT).
  • Loliita had killed Dark Soul (INT).
  • _Dark_Star had killed Arabia (Void Devil) (INT).
  • Saraesa had killed Arabia (Knight) (INT).
  • Regan had killed Arabia (Guard) (INT).
  • Loliita had killed Isyutaru (INT).
  • _Dark_Star had killed Arabia (Dark Guardian) (INT).