CHANGELOG V27 - 12th July 2:

-Unique State Manager is now server operating, aka all unique states will be available even if you restart your client.
-Unique State Manager search functionality improvement, you don t have to write the name with exact cases anymore, aka you write the name in lower or upper case.
-Unique State Manager is now sorted by latest state time by default
-Decreased Random Last Man Standing super monsters to 2.
-Battle Arena chests are now live and don t require a return.
-Fixed some items which didn t have magic pop win notices.
-Character Skin Changer has been disabled in PVP mode.
-Replaced Helper Mark with new AFK mark.
-Add new Ignore probability passaive skill in Chinese Fire mastery.
-Gorilla is removed from everyone as it ll be in donate section and Hell Hound is available in Magic POP for free.
-Added new Spider Man grab pet.
-Fixed visual capes effect. (they were all white)
-Added new Warrior and Sultan modified avatars.
-Removed Petrify from STR Medusa.

CHANGELOG V26 - 11th June 20:

-Added new STR & INT version of Medusa.
-Fixed Wizard skills delay.
-Added new Evil Tiger fellow pet.
-Added new Dark Santa avatar.
-Fixed D21 european shield Flaxen & Dark Star models.
-Added new MM verified, Bella Ciao, Peru, Argentina, Spain, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chille character markers.
-Increased Gold Honor Buff duration to 15 days.
-Disabled Fire Trap, Lava Trap in Medusa & Survival Rooms.
-Disabled Recovery Division, Holy Recovery Division in Medusa Rooms.
-Removed Energy of Life potions from the game.
-Increased Seth health to 200M.
-Removed Fear and Stun from Seth.
-Increased Isytaru (INT) health to 15M.
-Madness reward is modified to 200 EGP Coin.
-Meteor Lv 13: Mag. atk. pwr. 2304 ~ 2816 > 2584 ~ 3158 (somehow we noticed meteor was nerfed)

-Increased job wanted buffs duration to 2 hours.
-Added magical absorption to job wanted buffs.
-Adjusted job wanted buffs to be removable.

CHANGELOG V25 - 9th May 20:

-Added new Human Devils Avatars.
-Added new 2 grab pets.
-Added guild management scrolls to Samarkand Guild Manager.
-Adrenaline Coin drop amount decreased to 1 token instead of 2.
-Created STR/INT version of Rage Cloud for Madness.
-Added new Damage Counter system, a fancy counter that counts top 10 damage done players on uniques.
-Disabled Battle Arena disconnect system.
-Added new Seal of Flaxen model.
-Union Survival Arena won t grant you Survival points anymore.

-Added FGW to the game:-
Quest Name: The Sea of Resentment Collection
Quest NPC: Special Goods & Quests NPC
Reward: Accessory Advanced Elixir (+6), Devil Blue Scroll and Gold Honor Buff

Skill Modifications:-
Heavenly Blade Lv 5: Critical 15 Increase > Critical 5 Increase
Mad Dragon Blade Lv 2: Critical 20 Increase > Critical 10 Increase

Earth Fence Lv 2: Physical damage 20% Absorption > Physical damage 25% Absorption

CHANGELOG V24 - 14th Apr 20:

-Increased job trade profit to 300M for 5 stars.
-Increased Wanted system profit to 500M.
-Jangan Fortress War is opened with 400B win award.
-Decreased Jangan Fortress structures health to their normal ones.
-Model Switcher Scrolls are storable from now on.
-Fixed Union Survival Arena and it has returned.
-Attack pets are enabled in Survival Arena.

-Fixed some Prison restrictions.
-Added Harp to blacksmith due to requests.

CHANGELOG V23 - 7th Apr 20:

-Attack pets have been disabled in Survival Arena
-Adjusted return delay of some scrolls that people were using to cheat in PVP mode. (Thanks to @SCARYWARRI0R for the report)
-Fixed Egy A Cleric Seal of Twilight & Sun models.
-EGP Visuals price has been decreased from 1.5K EGP to 800 EGP.
-Trade gold rate has been decreased to half.
-Being/Killing wanted players gold reward has been decreased to 400M.
-Visual Wings win rate has been decreased to half.
-Battle Coin drop rate has been decreased.

Server Stats
  • Gateway Status: Online
  • Players Online: 793 / 1500

  • Supporters Online: 1 / 1
  • Cap 110
  • Race CH / EU
  • EXP PVPx
  • CH mastery 440
  • EU mastery 220
  • Start SP 10000000
  • Item Drop 250x
  • Start Gold 20m
  • PC Limit 20
  • Servertime:
  • CTF:
  • Battle Arena:
  • Fortress War:
  • Register: 24/7 except during Fortress War
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